Coastal Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

"So one may walk in Peace"

December 2015 Student of the Month

When most people turn 69, they believe they are in their golden age and begin doing less strenuous things like fish or travel the country in a motor home, cutting exercise out and replace it with sitting and reflecting upon days gone by. Not Harold “Doc” Tate. Doc as he is called by his friends at Coastal Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy decided to do just the opposite and join what most consider to be one of the most rigorous self-defense programs in existence…Krav Maga! Doc has set himself apart from Kravist half his age with his can do attitude and regular attendance has made him a leader as well as a role model for all of those in the program. Doc has a magnetic personality and he is always willing to go the extra mile to help other students both in the dojo and outside the program! I wish I had a class full of Docs, he loves the contact of Krav and when he hits the ground, a jovial chuckle can always be heard. At first students were unsure of how hard to go against him, right up until he strikes or kicks the bag and you suddenly get a taste of reality that doc hits and kicks like a mule! Currently doc is working on his level III (green belt) and he has been asked to start preparing to attend the level I instructor course at the Krav Maga Alliance main facility in Culver City! It not just his skills that will make him an excellent instructor, but his ability to teach and motivate others that caught the eye of the senior instructors at Coastal Krav.

Owner and head instructor Jeffrey Hein knew he had someone special in the program from the first day they trained together, “Doc is a rare find these days. In a culture where we expect the older folks to sit back and stop hard physical activity, Doc has done just the opposite and has challenged himself to become a force to be reckoned with at 69!” Rhoda Hein, our chief CPT and physical fitness expert states that he is actually reversing the aging process by training as much as he does at the level of everyone in the class! Doc is also a smart Kravist, he knows how important proper recovery is and has no issue taking a day or two off if he has trained especially hard or has been ill. I believe this is why he has been consistent in his training and injury free. He is part of the group the three amigos…all over 50 but train like they are 20 (Alfredo Lopez, Jeffrey Hein and Doc). Doc is just one of those rare individuals’ who is fun to be around! His work ethic is contagious as is his positive attitude and willingness to help anyone in the class. It is because the traits he brings to the program, he has been selected as student of the month for December. For this honor he received a copy of the classic martial text, “The Art of War.” I look forward to being a part of Docs journey in Krav Maga and feel blessed that I get to be part of his journey stated club owner Jeffrey Hein. He is going to be an excellent instructor and an example for all students of all ages that you are never too old for anything…It is a matter of believing in yourself and that the only limits one has are the limits we place on ourselves!

Student of the month-Mary Dornay

The student of the month for March is Mary Dornay! Mary is a very special student who has an infectious enthusiasm for life…spend five minutes with her and you cannot help but walk away with a smile because her she brings to Coastal Krav Maga an unconditional love to be with other students during class. Mary is always ready to give you a hug that will melt your heart. Mary loves learning Krav Maga and she listens and learns as well as any student I have had! Her favorite Krav technique is “defense against the front choke.” She can demonstrate the technique with the precise accuracy and has mastered the technique using the two hand pluck with a knee to the groin and the single hand pluck while simultaneously counter attacking with a palm heel strike. Mary always has a smile on her face and you cannot help but smile back…Mary reminds us that no matter how our day went, nothing helps to forget a rough day like a smile. Mary has an active life which includes going to school where she can be with her friends. Mary reminds me of one of my favorite quotes on happiness by Deepak Chopra, “Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason you are in trouble because that reason can be taken from you.” Mary reminds me that Krav Maga is fun and that I, as well as the other students are playing not just training. Mary is a welcome member to the Coastal Krav family; if you had a rough day just ask Mary for a smile and a hug…all the days problems will begin to disappear as your heart softens…I believe God has sent Mary to train at Coastal to remind us to smile and play, because at the end of the day our Krav class is recess from life and Mary will teach us how to play!

Students of the Month February

Newest addition to Coastal Krav, Gita and Patrick!

Two of our newest members the Krav Maga family are Gita and her son Patrick. Whenever I invite students out for their first free trial lesson I am not only looking at their skills and abilities in order to tailor their program as well as to let them get to know me and see if I am the kind of instructor they wish to train under. During the initial trial lesson I am also evaluating whether they are the kind of students I want being part of the coastal Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. One of the major differences between my academy is I do not necessarily accept all students. Training in martial arts with me requires several different areas that show they come with certain attributes and will fit in with the other students. First and foremost we at Coastal Krav are a family! Once you begin to train with me you are more than a student, you become part of a family. Well, I knew from our first conversation that Gita and Patrick were going to be the kind of individuals that I want to teach. Both Gita and Patrick came to their first lesson with such enthusiasm that I could not help but get excited myself! It is not often I get a mother and son come together to train. They worked together and had such fun doing it…it is always refreshing to see family’s come together to train, but it is just exciting to see how close they are and were having a blast during training. Both Gita and Patrick came to me with no ego and no need to try and impress me with past skills. The second they stepped on the grass they were: “tabal raza,” or blank slates. They asked questions that were appropriate and showed a genuine interest in learning Krav as established by our founder Imi Litchenfeld. They both embodied the focus of Coastal Krav, “so one may walk in peace.” They cross train in one of my favorite activities, hiking. Before class they will try and get a several mile hike in then come to Krav class! They are a breath of fresh air and have a work ethic that will take them far in Krav and BJJ. They are not only learning, but adding to the program. It is a great pleasure to have them as part of the Coastal family!

Student of the month December

The December student of the month is Kenny Hill. Kenny came out to begin his training in Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and antii-bullying program. I am often reluctant to bring his age group into more advanced seminars as they will learn high end techniques that can be harmful to others and in this day and age, even if you are protecting yourself, the schools will still meet out punishment. I had a long discussion with his mentor (Dave Coy) and was convinced that he was mature enough to learn the material and know that violence is a last resort after trying to use verbal techniques (see the book "verbal judo" a book all my students are required to read. Well I was not disappointed. Kenny was a very mature 12 year old and was polite as well as respectful. I have worked with many 12 year old over the the 30 years of teaching and Kenny is one of those special individuals who took to Krav Maga like duck to water! He required very little major corrections in his techniques (no more than most of my adult students). He took my constructive criticism with a great deal of humility and learned from his mistakes. Kenny was an outstanding student and left the seminar with a whole new set of skills that keep himself safe, but more importantly as the day went on (the tempo was fast and furious...three hours with maybe three several minute breaks). He never complained, or asked to go play his game Kenny was a pleasure to teach and work with. If he practices between seminars, he will earn his yellow belt in no time at all. Kenny is to be commended for his dedication to learning Krav Maga, and being able to stay at the same pace as the adults was truly inspiring. Kenny is one of those kids that is going to be a great practitioner of Krav Maga, but he has the mind set that what he learned is self defense and not something to be used lightly. So because of his ability to finish the seminar, learn the techniques and his positive never quit attitude Kenny has truly earned the title of student of the month. Congratulation Kenny and keep coming back, you have just embarked on a life long journey of self defense and self learning!

Student of the month November

Alfredo Lopez

I am a former CHP Sergeant 14 years. During that time I was sergeant in charge of the CHP “ BEAST”, Bakersfield Entry & Search Team. We looked for suspects with felony warrants. I have made over 500 hundred arrests, one which almost cost me my life. It was featured with a re-enactment on the “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol”. I sustained major injuries to the head and face from a head butt and strikes with a large rock to the face. The suspect eventually attempted to pull my weapon from my holster. I knew a little bit of Krav Maga but not enough. I eventually ended the fight with a “ rear naked choke hold” or “carotid restraint” which we used to call it. Today I teach junior high school in Arvin, California. I have earned a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice along with my California Teaching Credential. I am married to Brenda , 24 years, two sons, Senior Paralegal for Kern County District Attorney, Nicholas, 22, attends Whittier College, and my youngest Adam, 18, attends Cal State University of Bakersfield. My goal is to advance in Krav Maga as far as the Good Lord will allow me. I have a great instructor in Jeffrey Hein, Coastal Krav Maga, and look forward to continue my involvement in the Krav Maga Alliance.

I have to note that Alfredo's fight lasted 11 minutes. In a fight for your life that is a life time. Through his training in Krav he was able to dig down and fight with pure heat! He is an exceptional student who love to train and is an example to all other students what heart and a positive attitude can be. He is an example for the athletes that training in Krav is for all ages. He is to be commended for his commitment to training and being a coachable student with the heart of a lion. It is a pleasure to work with Alfredo and watch him progress faster tan students half his age!